Health And Safety Apps For NZ Business

As of April of 2016 the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 requires all New Zealand businesses to provide an increased level of support for their workers health and safety, while encouraging engaged participation from both the worker and the employer.

For the average business this has meant the need for more comprehensive reporting and documentation around both health and safety systems and procedures and the ability to provide proof they are being used. Having the right health and safety tools can help streamline this sometimes time consuming process, some useful apps for keeping on top of business health and safety requirements in New Zealand are:


A modular, cloud based health and safety management system providing good reporting, ease of use and simple implementation.  JobSAFE complies with New Zealand and Australian requirements and suits many different types of industries including construction, forestry, tourism, mining, retail, traffic management, manufacturing and more.  Pricing is structured around modules required and the app is available on tablet and mobile devices.

BWARE Safety Manager

An all-in-one health and safety management software solution that allows people to quickly and easily manage their health and safety requirements.  Suitable for organisations of all sizes and types, BWARE’s Safety Manager is easy to use, secure and flexible.  A 30 day free trial is also offered.


Practical, feature packed health and safety management software for businesses looking for an easier way to meet their health and safety requirements.  Accessible anywhere, anytime on PC, Mac, Smartphone, iOS and Android devices.  PeopleSafe makes it easy to manage the risks, assign tasks and create safety plans.


A web based real time safety management app, widely accessible from desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone anytime, anywhere.  Fully customised for Kiwi industries, SAFELY helps New Zealand businesses ensure health and safety legislation and industry best practice compliance.  The app comes preloaded with industry specific details, no long term contracts and the opportunity to upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.


Specifically designed for mobile use, the Blerter real time health and safety management software allows access from anywhere any time on your mobile device.  A fixed monthly fee is charged, and features include automated alerts, visitor registration, hazard and incident identification, as well as the ability to create, assign and track tasks.


A cloud based free safety reporting tool designed by the Transport Agency, SafetyApp is designed to work with small to medium sized New Zealand businesses.  This app provides automated real time reporting of near misses, incidents, good practise and suggestions from mobile devices and the ability to view and interpret these reports online.

The benefits of implementing safe working practices in the workplace including hazard identification and risk assessment procedures, reach above and beyond the law.  Protecting employees from potential harm or injury on a day to day basis is simply the right thing to do, it will have a positive effect on employee morale and job satisfaction, but it can also have the added impact of minimising the costs associated with workplace illness and accidents.  For more information on New Zealand OSH regulations and requirements see the NZ Government WorkSafe website.