Software For The Building & Construction Industry

Application software is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the construction industry, however building and construction related projects require management of budgets, inventory, job scheduling and cost control just like any other business. In fact, in the rapidly changing construction environment of the 21st Century, that often finds itself over budget and out of time, the necessity to keep track of project details is vital to the successful operation of the business.

Designed to enable better on-the-spot evaluation and analysis of real time project data, construction management software acts as an aid in the ongoing race to meet deadlines and budget restraints. Integrated accounting, streamlined document management, job tracking, improved data accessibility, cost control and greater quality control are some of the features construction management software provide. Many software solutions also offer a modular approach where businesses can purchase additional add-ons in order to cater for specific requirements.

Greater overall profitability analysis, the ability to make more accurate real time business decisions, higher levels of visibility and accountability across the board are just a few of the reported benefits of effective construction management software solutions. Want to learn more about the construction management software options for New Zealand building companies? See below for the prominent building and construction industry applications used here in New Zealand.


Construction businesses are able to choose from a wide variety of building and construction third party add-ons that integrate with the Xero suite of software. Popular packages like WorkflowMax, Tradify, Geo Op, Buildertrend and Tidy Build along with many others provide businesses the opportunity to tailor the software to suit, saving on money and resources.


An all-in-one integrated estimating, accounting, job costing and document management system. CostCon is designed specifically for use within the residential and commercial building, civil contracting and associated trade subcontractors industry sectors. Handling all aspects of contracting, variation orders, retentions and progress claims, quotes and tenders and the usual financial requirements including debtors, creditors, cashbook, inventory control, sales and purchase orders ant the general ledger, CostCon provides tailor made, industry specific construction management solutions.

Rave Build

A complete building and construction management system that offers practical, easy to use, project management, customer relationship management, tender management, audit history, contractor communications, document management and scheduling services. Designed specifically for the building industry, Rave Build is a practical, easy to use fully interactive construction and building management software solution.


Popular accounting software used by many small to medium sized businesses here in New Zealand, MYOB provides the ability to seamlessly assimilate third party add-ons specifically for the building and construction industry into its base accounting software. This provides a more tailored approach to industry needs while allowing the continued use of the already familiar MYOB functionality.


Purpose built for construction by construction experts, the Acuitehq software helps businesses to streamline the entire construction project by providing real-time access to project information including cost performance, time frames, health and safety and performance targets. Acuitehq is designed for integration into larger construction companies.


Stepping away from New Zealand into the worldwide marketplace, the Procore construction management system offers extensive cloud-based software purpose built for larger commercial construction industry projects. Procore enables building and construction professionals to access project documents, contracts, schedules and other related information from any Internet-connected device.


Another popular construction management tool used by many prominent construction, engineering and design companies worldwide, Aconex provides project wide coverage. This covers everything from initial conception through to handover, including document management, workflow management, communications and quality control.

Whether a small building company or large, construction management software has the potential to propel project management expectations to the next level with measurable advantages in profitability and efficiency.

For those looking to enter the industry, with skilled construction professionals in short supply in NZ, working knowledge of such software packages can give you a head start to your career in construction. Read JMI’s blog post about shortage of construction professionals in NZ. ¬†