Key Business Publications In New Zealand

publicationsIn a small market like New Zealand, it’s essential that business owners, entrepreneurs and investors stay ahead of all the latest news, developments, trends and opportunities as they happen. There are a number of publications that bring together expert viewpoints, experience and case studies, market statistics and both national and international information. Most offer a weekly or monthly subscription, keeping you constantly up to date.

NZ Business Magazine. Specially targeted at business owners and managers, NZ Business is a monthly magazine with a variety of monthly columns, detailed articles (some of which can be read for free online, so you can try before buying), and a section on business technology. You can subscribe to receive physical copies, or read digital editions online or on your tablet.

NZ Entrepreneur Magazine. A completely free e-magazine designed to provide New Zealand entrepreneurs and business builders with inspiration and ideas. The magazine often features case studies of other entrepreneurs and their businesses, which offer insight on how to replicate their success. The easiest way to subscribe is via email, and you can read issues from your inbox or download for your tablet.

Idealog. Many businesses and entrepreneurs are looking for that next big idea – one that’s going to offer amazing returns and new opportunities. New Zealand considers itself famous for its innovation, and some of the best ideas are compiled and explained in this bi-monthly magazine. It’s available in both physical and digital formats.

Keeping up to date on news and developments is extremely important for business owners and operators, as it can spell the difference between an opportunity missed or an opportunity seized. Good publications also offer inspiration, ideas and case studies.