Tips To Retain your Customers

return customersIn the rush to attract new buyers and clientele, businesses often make the critical mistake of failing to capitalise on those they already have. Existing clients have shown buyer intent, demonstrating previously that they believe your brand can fulfil their needs. Ongoing commitment to these customers can make the difference between repeat business and the loss of a potentially regular customer. This ongoing support is much easier than the initial effort to attract them. It is essential that you make the most of this opportunity.

Some important considerations when dealing with your everyday clients include:

  • Over deliver. The best thing you can do is to immediately present yourself as the choice that will go the extra distance. This creates an intensely positive experience, which is what the customer will remember the most. This can be offering free shipping, keeping the customer up-to-date with the progress of their order, offering a free item or sample or other rewards. Simply offering outstanding service with fast response times and clear information and answers is often enough to go above and beyond in most cases.
  • Offer support. Not all purchases go smoothly. This gives you the opportunity to turn a negative experience into a strongly positive one. Listen to customer complaints and offer a refund or a quick resolution, rather than coming from a sceptical or defensive position. Respond quickly to their problem with a customised, personal response. By providing a good support response you build trust, even in the worst case scenario.
  • Solve problems with the customer experience. Gather feedback from your sales and determine whether there are aspects that are causing your customers unnecessary confusion or stress. Is there a point in the order process where things become unclear or difficult? Is information missing that may make it difficult when making a purchase? The more streamlined and simple your customer’s experience, the happier they’ll be. They will then be more likely to return and use your services again.
  • Give them a reason to return. Offers such as “your fifth coffee is free” or “join for a discount and special deals” give customers a direct reason to return.

Keeping your existing customers happy is an extremely valuable part of your business strategy. Review your systems and results to ensure you are giving your customers good reasons to stay with you.