How To Turn Christmas Customers Into Repeat Customers

Christmas is a huge time for retailers, with customers getting caught up in the rush and frantic search for the right presents. If you plan your marketing strategy correctly, now is the time you’ll see big numbers of new customers, especially if you’re an online retailer. This is great while the festive season lasts, but if you want to see any long-term growth from this period, you need to turn these holiday shoppers into permanent customers.

  1. Provide an amazing experience. Holiday shopping is incredibly stressful, and being able to provide a fast, efficient and affordable solution for people who have a million things to think about already will create a lasting impression. Great support, fast shipping and being extra accommodating are all ways you can improve the customer experience.
  2. Offer a loyalty program. A loyalty program gives customers a reason to think of your business again. Providing some extra value at the time of purchase is the best way to get people interested – free wrapping, shipping or a small gift. Provide a card, to create brand awareness later down the line.
  3. Create rewards that can be redeemed later. Think beyond the Christmas season, and create rewards such as free appointments or consultations that can be redeemed in the new year. Once the rush has subsided, customers have more clarity and can better process your brand.
  4. Collect emails. Ask customers to sign up to receive discounts and special offers – this works particularly well if you can offer a discount on their current purchase for joining. After the holiday season is over, send a value-packed email with discounts, special offers, news, or relevant information. This gives you a direct way of contacting already-engaged customers.
  5. Use social media. A Christmas competition on social media can be a great way to get followers for the rest of the year. Pick something fun and in the spirit of the season, such as a competition for the best Christmas pet costume or favourite Christmas recipe (relevant to your business, of course). Something that gets people talking, and releases some of the stress around this time of year. In the new year, continue to use the social media channel to offer something of value or entertainment to your followers.

Taking advantage of the Christmas rush means turning seasonal shoppers into customers that will return again and again throughout the year.