How To Gain Consumer Trust Online

Gaining the trust of your customer base is essential for converting website enquiries and visits into sales. You may be able to offer everything a customer wants in terms of product or service, and still not sell anything to them – simply because they didn’t feel they could trust you. The only way they can gain this trust is through your website, with the information you give them and how you choose to display it. With so much competition easily accessible through search, it’s essential that your online business is the one that stands out as the most authentic and reliable.

“Trust” can seem like a vague concept, but there are many things you can do to cultivate trust in your customers.

  • Make essential information such as examples of your work or products easily accessible. Visitors don’t want to have to work hard to find what you can offer them, as it will feel like it’s being hidden from them.
  • Utilise testimonials. Consumers trust the opinions of others, so providing testimonials is a great way to get a “human” verification of your business. Good reviews and ratings from third-party sites such as Google+, Yelp or TripAdvisor are extremely beneficial, as they show you aren’t just cherry-picking good feedback and are usually attached to user profiles.
  • Have someone on hand ready to respond to any enquiries. This can be anything from a receptionist who is well-versed on the product or service and able to answer enquiries over the phone, to making sure you reply to all contact form emails within an hour or so.
  • Have contact information visible – especially a phone number and an address if possible. Even if you don’t actually conduct business out of the location, it shows you have a physical presence that requires money and stability.
  • Don’t ask too much to start with. Huge forms with lots of required fields are an instant turn-off for any customer. Ask for a simple name and email to begin with.
  • Explain why you’re the best choice among your competitors. Don’t give them a chance to wonder if another company would be better. Directly explain your benefits, and make comparisons if you have to.
  • Provide enough information so that there are no questions left. Don’t overwhelm, but structure your website so that people can find everything they need – if they want to.

Gaining the trust of your customers is an essential part of online marketing – without being able to speak to visitors and make a sales pitch, you have to let your website do the talking for you.